FSSAI Annual Returns/Food Safety Annual Returns

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FSSAI Annual Returns/Food Safety Annual Returns

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  • The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) on December 18, 2020, issued a Notification regarding the Revised Guidelines for Food Business Annual Return Filing.
  • With this notification, FSSAI mandates online submission of Annual Return by Food Businesses involved in the manufacturing and importing of food products with effect from FY 2020-2021
  • The revised format of the Annual Return has already been incorporated into Food Safety Compliance System (FOSCOS) and the window for return filing for FY 2020-2021 will open with effect from 1st, April 2021 onwards.
  • The current article briefs the Revised Guidelines of Food Business Annual Return Filing.

FSSAI Annual Returns Types

FSSAI Form D1 (Annual Return)

  • All food packers, importers, manufacturers, labellers, re-packers & re-labellers must mandatorily file Form D1 with the FSSAI Licensing Authority. Form D1 can be filed online/physically as provided by the food safety commissioner.
  • All Food Business Operators must compulsorily file Form D1 irrespective of the production they are involved in & depending on the type of food products or items sold by them in the preceding Financial Year.
  • FBOs can obtain FSSAI registration online by filling and submitting the FSSAI registration form, i.e. Form A (application for Registration) or Form B (application for State and Central License) on the FoSCoS portal. The FBOs can also register offline by submitting Form A or Form B to the Food and Safety Department.

FSSAI Form D2 (Half-Yearly Return)

  • FSSAI Form D2 is a half-yearly return. The Food Business Operator involved in the business of importing or manufacturing mil or mil products is required to file Form D2.
  • Manufacturers of Milk and Milk products need to submit Half-yearly returns within one month of completion of the previous half-year.
  • According to the FSSAI regulation, all manufacturers of milk and milk products having an FSSAI license need to file the half-yearly returns known as Form D2. The half-yearly returns in Form D2 are of 2 types as mentioned below
  • The one related to the period from 1st April to 30th September every year
  • The one related to the period from 1st October to 31st March every year

Required to FSSAI Annual Returns

A person,Company and Organasations who is carrying out a food business whether for profit or not, whether public or private, involved in the activities Stage of manufacturing, processing, storage distribution and sale of food products must compulsorily obtain FSSAI Registration or License.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. That is established under the Food and safety standards, 2006.

  • As per 'FSS (Licensing & Registration) Regulations, 2011, Licenses and Registrations are granted to FBOs in a 3 tier system 1. Registration,2. State license, and 3.Central License.

  • Furthermore, the FSSAI Basic Registration has to be obtained by small FBOs having a turnover up to Rs. 12 Lakhs. On the other hand, the FBOs having a turnover exceeding Rs. Twelve lakhs need to obtain FSSAI License.

  • Obtaining FSSAI registration or license in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Food Safety and Quality Act, 2006 is compulsory for the following entities: All Food Packaging unit All types of Food Manufacturers Food Storage unit Food Traders Wholesale food business operators Retail food business operators Online Food Business Operator(FBO) E-Commerce Food Business Operator(FBO) Caters/Hotel. Others food related business operator(FBO)

  • This Registration Certificate is embedded with a QR code and has the image of FBO with a 14-digit Registration number starting with 2 (2xxxxxxxxxxxxx).

  • No, there is no need to submit physical documents at Regional/ State offices for Central/ State license.

  • An applicant is informed by SMS/Email alert at many stages of application processing. Moreover, the applicant can obtain the status by using the facility of "Track Application Status" on FoSCoS.

  • A registration certificate has to be issued by the registration authority within 7 days of the date of making a complete application. In the case, the registration authority wants to inspect the premise of the applicant, the inspection must be conducted within 30 days of the date of application and registration to be issued, if premises are found in order as per Schedule 4 of FSS (Licensing and Registration of food businesses) Regulations, 2011.

  • FSSAI license can be applied for or renewed for 1 year up to maximum of 5 years at a time.

  • FSSAI is dispatching License and Registration to FBOs online with QR code. On scanning, QR code shows the details of FSSAI License or Registration as available in FSSAI database. This helps in identifying any fraudulent activity.

  • FSSAI License number is of 14 digits and starts with '1' while FSSAI Registration number is also of 14 digits and starts with '2'.

  • A license has to be issued by the Licensing Authority within 60 days of making a complete application by an applicant.

  • If there is any change that alters the information contained in the license certificate (Form C), Food Business Operator shall apply for modification of license with a fee of Rs. 1000 plus the differential fee, equal to the difference in annual license fee, in case of upgradation. No fee is required for modification of non-form C details such as Change in Form IX Nominee (person responsible for complying conditions of license) or any supporting documents.

  • Food Business Operator can renew the FSSAI License/Registration even after the expiry date with the following penalties: a. Three times the existing annual license/registration fee in the period – 1st day to 90th day from the original expiry date. b. Additional two times of the existing annual license/registration fee (i.e. total 5 times) in the period – 91st day to 180th day from the original expiry date. [Refer FSSAI Order number 15(31)2020/FoSCoS/RCD/FSSAIpt4 dated 29th October, 2021].

  • A License or registration renewal application can be made as early as 180 days in advance. Further, Food Business Operator can now renew the FSSAI License/Registration even after the expiry date upto 180 days after expiry.

  • As per regulations, a renewal has to be filed not later than 30 days prior to the expiry of License to avoid the late fee for renewal of the License. A late fee of Rs. 100 per day is calculated and added to the renewal fee of License. i.e. if you are applying for renewal on the last day of expiry, a late fee of Rs. 100 x 30 = Rs. 3000 will be added to the renewal fee of the License.

  • FSSAI Licensed FBOs involved in Manufacturing (including repacking and relabellers i.e. FBOs getting their food products manufactured by third-party manufacturers) and importing of food products need to submit Annual Returns in Form D1 by 31st May of every preceding financial year, only through Portal. *Manufacturers-Exporters are also required to file annual returns wef FY 2021-22 onwards.

  • Non-submission of annual return beyond 31st May of every year will attract a late fee of Rs. 100 per day till the date of submission of annual return. Annual Returns penalty shall be submitted online by the FBOs on the FoSCoS portal w.e.f. FY 2020-2021.

  • No. Petty Food Business Operators (FBOs) who are holding FSSAI Registration Certificate (2xxxxxxxxxxxxx) are not required to submit annual return. Only FSSAI Licensed FBOs involved in Manufacturing and Importing of Food Products are required to submit annual returns in Form D1. (Refer to Q47 also).

  • Yes, FBOs selling their products through their own e-Commerce platform are required to obtain FSSAI License under e-Commerce category also.

  • Yes, you are required to obtain FSSAI’s Central license on the address as mentioned in Import Export Code Certificate from DGFT to import food products for sale in India.

  • Yes, the FSSAI license is mandatory for both the export and import of food products. You will need to apply for FSSAI Central License for your export unit.

  • If a Food Business Operator (FBO) has his food business premises located in two or more States, he is required to obtain a Central License for his Registered Office or Head Office in addition to the license/registration for each unit/premise. A separate license or registration has to be obtained for each unit/premise depending upon that unit’s capacity or turnover, from the concerned Central or State licensing authorities.